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Finish Types



We offer a variety of Metal Polishing Finishes to meet your project needs. If you don’t see your desired finish, please call us.


Metal Polishing Finishes:


#3 Finish (60 Ra)

Grain Finish also called grinding or roughing. Very coarse finish, the material is polished to a uniform finish between 60 and 80 grit.


#4 Architectural Finish (45 Ra)

This finish is also known as a brushed, directional or satin finish. This finish is characterized by fine polishing grit lines that are uniform and directional in appearance. It is produced by polishing the metal with 120-180 grit belt.


#4 Dairy or Sanitary Finish (32 Ra)

This finish is commonly used for the medical and food industry almost always on stainless steel. Great care should be taken in removing the surface defects and pits in the metal – that could allow bacteria to grow. The final finish is produced by polishing with 180-240 grit belt.


#6 Finish (15-20 Ra)

Fine grain is produced by polishing with a 220-280 grit belt.

#7 Finish (12 Ra)
Smooth buffed finish with a very bright appearance, Light haze the part is belt polished with a 280-320 belt then buffed with a cut and color compound and cotton buff. This is a good way to keep polishing cost down when a part needs to be shiny but not flawless.

#8 Mirror Finish (8-10 RA)

Mirror bright finishes with clear reflection – very light haze all surface defects are removed. The part is buffed and then color buffed to achieve a mirror finish. The quality of this finish is dependent on the quality of the metal being polished. Casting that have pits will be difficult – if not impossible to polish to a #8, pit free.

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