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Electropolishing & Passivation Services

Electropolishing Services for Stainless Steel


Our company has provided Electropolishing & Passivation services in house. We provide electrolytic solutions for all your Electropolishing service needs. In addition, we have managed to come up with methods that ensure proper Electropolishing services. We provide state of the art results by working on large pieces made of stainless steel, and our services are in house.

CMP will provide electropolishing & passivation services for our customers needs. Our electropolishing tanks and our passivation tank is one of the largest in the East Coast. We will also be providing wand EP for those pieces too long for our tank.

Furthermore, we have solutions that can handle standard grade (304, 316) stainless steel. Our staff is highly skilled and experienced in the provision of stainless steel solutions. They have the necessary training and expertise to give a result that is fantastic. We use Nitric Acid and Electropolishing Passivation to ensure there is an improvement of the original piece of stainless steel that you have.

Please visit our projects page to view some before and after images showing our work.

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PolishingThe process decreases any roughness on surfaces creating a lustrous finish. There are improvements made in corrosion resistance as contaminants are removed. Besides, Electropolishing leaves a surface that is nickel chromium enriched enhancing the metallic properties found in stainless steel and allowing an oxide layer to form.

Ease of cleaning: The surface of the steel is leveled through Electropolishing. This reduces product adhesion as well as contamination build up. Therefore, cleaning is more efficient.

De-burring: Electropolishing provides for de-burring. There is greater current density for high points and less current density for low points.

Aesthetics: Our Electropolishing service ensures that surfaces of stainless steel remain smooth and clean. There is a lustrous finish due to an inclusion of nickel-chromium on the surface. Visual inspection is easier as imperfections will be easier to note.


Electropolishing before and after photos by Commercial Metal Polishing

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